Dermal Fillers

Facial Dermal fillers is the number one choice for non surgical correction and enhancement. We offer; non surgical rhinoplasty, cheek, jawline, lips and chin augmentation.

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Aqualyx Fat Dissolve Injections

Aqualyx is a solution of deoxycholic acid that is directly injected inside the subcutaneous fat pockets under the skin. Effectively, this solution will liquidize stubborn fat pockets anywhere on the body, draining the fat out through the lymphatic drainage system and the fat will not return easily in the treated area. Contouring can be achieved using aqualyx to enhance a hourglass figure for women or a six pack to emphasize muscles in the abdomin.

Semi Permanent Makeup & BB Glow

Semi permanent makeup is great for restoring lost pigment, facial enhancement and definition. We pride ourselves on our long lasting, double drop, vegan plant based, vibrant ink colours. We provide eye liner tattoo, lip liner or lip blush tattoo. We provide a variety of different eyebrow styling techniques such as, combination brows, powder brows, ombre brows, hairstroke brows.

BB Glow is similar to permanent foundation and will provide you with a clear natural complexion camouflaging any dark pigmentation, scars, blemishes and marks on the skin

SMP Scalp Micropigmentation & Hair Transplant Scar Camouflaging – Tattoo

SMP Scalp micropigmentation is great for creating density where hair is sparse, restoring a lost hair line, camouflaging bald patches such as Alopecia, creating a shaved head appearance. Hair transplant scars can also be camouflaged to blend in with existing hair follicles. This treatment involves implanting cosmetic ink using a needle device where you would usually have hair follicles to effectively provide you the illusion of real existing hair follicles where they have been lost due to sickness, alopecia, age related or surgery.

PMU Scalp Microblading Tattoo

This treatment is great for those with longer hair who are seeking to add density to the scalp where hair is lost, cover a bold patch or receeding hair line. PMU Microblading involves artistically placing ink within the epidermis of the scalp replicating existing hairs using a free hand devise this providing the final result of a fuller scalp of hair all round.

SMP Beard Micropigmentation & PMU Beard Microblading – Tattoo

SMP Beard Micropigmentation is a great option for those with sparse beard hair or alopecia bald patches wanting more density within the beard creating a fuller beard appearance. This treatment also triggers the lost hair to grow back during the healing process as an extra benefit. This procedure involves using a needle device that implants cosmetic ink directly inside epidermis layer of the skin creating replication follicles that immediately create the illusion of a neat shaved beard appearance. Maximum three treatments are necessary to acheive the final result

PMU Beard microblading is best suited for those who prefer to style their beard hair longer. Beard micropigmentation involves replicating your existing beard hair strokes to blend in with the natural direction/ colour of existing hair strokes. Tattoo ink is custom mixed and matched to your existing hair colour and artistically implanted directly into the epidermis using a free hand devise. Results show immediately and a 6 week follow up session is necessary to complete the procedure.

SPMU Eyebrow Alopecia Microblading – Tattoo

Suitable for men and women. Eyebrow Alopecia Microblading is great for restoring lost hair and shape within the eyebrows. This cometic tattoo treatment will certainly provide you with a neat well groomed appearance and realistic effect hair strokes. This treatment involves implanting cosmetic ink inside the skin to create to illusion of realistic hairs within the brow.

Hair Loss Treatment Scalp and Beard – Non surgical

This treatment involves using a micro titanium needle device that punctures the skin creating micro channels within the hair loss area. Specific serums are then placed within the micro channels creating the perfect grounds for healthier, stronger, thicker hair growth. This treatment will put a stop to the hair loss from first treatment and is suitable for men and women. Hair loss therapy is a non surgical procedure and has become increasingly popular in our clinic because it provides a direct approach to stopping hair loss naturally. Hair loss therapy Treatment is suitable for Alopecia sufferers men and women.

TCA Cross – Acne Scar Treatment

TCA Cross is specifically designed to effectively treat boxcar, icepick, rolling acne and chicken pox scars. Minute amounts of Trichloroacetic acid is deposited directly inside the scars to stimulate collagen production and growth factors within the scar walls, raising them up towards the surface of the skin giving you visible results from first treatment.

Microneedling Therapy- Stretch Marks & Face

Microneedling is great for restoring lost collagen, strengthening elasticity anywhere on the face & body and treating acne scars. Microneedling will effectively re-produce brand new collagen production by releasing essential protiens within the skin providing you with a firmer, toned, brighter, wrinkle free, Pigmentation free, one tone, scar free restored skin in no time. Microneedling is great for eliminating stretch marks anywhere on the body including pregnancy stretch marks.

Fibroblast Eye Lid Lift

Fibroblast provides immediate results in most cases that improve over 40 days. This treatment will effectively tighten and lift loose skin on the upper or lower eyelid also reduce crows feet wrinkles around the eyes. Only one treatment necessary for great results.

Picosecond Laser Tattoo Removal & Intimate Skin Lightening

Picosecond laser is a non- surgical, non invasive advanced laser treatment that will effectively remove unwanted tattoes anywhere on the body including eyebrow tattoo. Three to four treatment sessions are necessary for best result. Picosecond laser removes dark pigmentation anywhere on the body including intimate areas such as the underarms, bikini area and inner thighs.

Hijama- Wet or Dry Cupping Therapy 

Hijama cupping therapy relieves many health issues. Hijama (aka) cupping detoxifies and extracts toxic blood from the body, relieves sciatic nerve pain, lung disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, digestive issues, urinary disease, promotes healthy skin and organs, lifts mood, relieves depression, relaxes the body, relieves stress, anxiety and tention. Spiritually removes stagnent negative energy and blockages from the mind and body.