For a full range of face and body areas – Fibroblast is a completely non-surgical and non-invasive procedure where we use plasma skin tightening pen for treating dull, sagging or wrinkling skin.

Results are instant and will keep improving over 8 weeks. You only need one treatment and there is no need for topping up once you are treated.

Fibroblast Plasma Treatment is suitable for:

  • Eyelid Lift – Upper/hooded eyes/dark circles
  • Eyelid Lift – Lower /puffiness/ dark circles/ eye bags
  • Face lift /skin tightening
  • Smokers lines reduction
  • Injury scar reduction
  • Lip lift/ symmetry correction
  • Nasolabial folds reduction
  • Excess skin strinking
  • Stretch mark reduction
  • Crows feet reduction

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Fibroblast Treatments

Fibroblast Plasma Lift, also known as Fibroblast Skin Tightening is a revolutionary soft-surgery skin tightening procedure that is a safer alternative to invasive surgical cosmetic procedures with reduced recovery time and without potential complications that can arise before and after surgery.

How does Fibroblast work?

During the procedure a tiny plasma flash also referred as an electrical arc is discharged from the tip of a handpiece. The tool itself never touches the skin however plasma flash creates a tiny dot upon contact. This innovative technology uses a sublimation process, turning solid directly to gas to tighten skin tissue. Targeted tissue sublimation causes no damage to the surrounding areas or deeper skin layers.

Further points are applied creating a symmetrical grid over the treatment area. Effects are noticeable right away with full results become visible after 2-4 weeks.

Patients can resume regular activities right away with minimal discomfort.

How long does Fibroblast last

Most patients will see results immediately and you should expect to see the full results of your treatment after around three months. Fibroblast procedure results typically last for three to five years.

Is plasma lift better than Botox & fillers?

For those looking for a treatment which won’t alter their facial expressions, Plasma Lift may be a good alternative to Botox which is not only safe, but its effects can last up to three to five years!

It works more favourably than any current treatment for lip lines caused by smoking and aged skin. Fibroblast does not require a top-up like Botox & fillers and is a better cost-effective investment in the long run compared to injectables.

How long is recovery and healing?

Recovery time is 7 to 10 days. The tiny scabs fall off usually after one week, as the treated area begins to heal, you will notice the drying out process whereby a brown/black crust develops on the surface of the skin. This will flake off after a few days but in some cases can take up to 10 days.

You may experience redness 1- 3 days after the treatment and swelling may also occur (eyelid treatments) After 5-7 days, the small carbon scabs will have fallen off. Slight redness is no longer visible after 3 weeks at the latest. Aftercare cream is provided to keep the area moist and ease irritability whilst you heal.

How many Fibroblast treatments are needed for a great result?

Most clients will instantly see results and will continue to do so over 8 weeks. Further treatments can possibly be done to get better results; however, it is highly uncommon to need more than two treatments.

Is Fibroblast painful?

Fibroblast treatment is a non-surgical solution for skin tightening. There is no pain associated with this procedure, though some patients may feel a minimal amount of discomfort. A topical numbing cream is applied to the treatment area before the procedure.

What does Fibroblast treat?

Fibroblast effectively tightens loose skin on the eyelids. Removes dark pigmentation and puffy eyes. It lifts the jowls & neck and also tightens loose skin anywhere on the body, it is a good solution to treat stretch marks as it restores skin elasticity to a tighter position.



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