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The number one natural method effective time-release hair loss treatment system for men and women who suffer from Androgenetic Alopecia that can improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, negate excess DHT, stimulate collagen, increase follicle size to stop hair loss and stimulate new stronger hair growth successfully.

At schon Aesthetic we have tailored a highly effective hair loss treatment course for male-pattern and female pattern alopecia. The treatment involves direct stimulation of the hair follicles and delivering vital nutrients directly to the follicles creating the perfect grounds for healthy hair growth and hair loss prevention.

The types of hair loss we treat:

•Receding hairline

•Crown balding

•General thinning

•Bald patch

•Beard hair loss

If you are showing signs of hair loss act fast! We can put a stop to it and restore the hair

How many sessions do I need before I see results?

Results can be seen as soon as 8 days post-treatment with the feel of stubble in the treated area indicating the follicles have regenerated. It is recommended at least 4-6 treatments are needed to maximise new hair growth to its full potential.

How do you treat the hair and how long does the treatment take?

Growgain treatment for hair loss is approached with injections containing components necessary for hair restoration or revitalization. Growgain hair growth treatment takes around 30-45 minutes depending on the area of baldness or thinning hairs.

Is it painful and do I need to take time off work?

Most clients describe Growgain therapy as a vibrating sensation and is painless. You do not need to take time off work as there is zero downtime.

What type of hair loss is Growgain therapy suitable for, and how effective is it?

Growgain therapy is suitable for those who would like to achieve a fuller hairline, bald patches, crown baldness, receding hairlines. Alopecia treatment for patients who require treatment of hair loss and the stimulation of new hair regrowth. (Alopecia Areata treatment and Alopecia Tolalis Treatment).


Effective hair loss treatments for men and women

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