Scalp and Beard (PMU) also known as micropigmentation is the ideal option for men and women who would like to camouflage hair loss and scars including hair transplant scar. Micropigmentation involves implanting cosmetic tattoo ink inside the dermal layer of the skin.

Scalp Camoflaging (PMU)

Micropigmentation is a great direct approach resulting in visible results before you leave the treatment room! This treatment involves creating thousands of tiny dots between the existing hair follicles and will create new replacement follicles where needed. This will resemble a full head of follicles concealing a totally bald scalp. We treat crown balding, receding hair lines and bald patches. Ultimately, PMU resembles a shaved head look of real hair follicles. Hair transplant scars can sucessfully be Camoflaged the same way to effectively blend the scar in with the existing hair follicles.

Beard Alopecia (PMU)

Beard Alopecia microblading (PMU) is an excellent direct approach for covering Alopecia, bald patches, general thinning and scars. This treatment involves artistically implanting cosmetic ink within the dermis layer of the beard to resemble real beard hair, blending in well with the existing hair. This treatment can also be done on the eyebrows. Results are immediate and long lasting.

Scalp Microblading (PMU)

This treatment is excellent for women who want to take a direct approach to conceal a receding hair line, bald patches, overall thinning and crown balding. Resulting in a fuller head of hair appearance all round with long lasting results. Cosmetic ink is artistically placed within the epidermal skin layer and results show immediately.

Microblading (Alopecia Brows)

Suitable for men and women with little to zero brow hair to those wanting a more defined look to the brow who would like to restore the brows. Our skilled ink artist will map out/design and re-create natural-looking brows that will resemble real eyebrow hairs. We offer a wide range of techniques to choose from such as combination brows, hair stroke brows and pixel shading.

SPMU Lip liner or lip blush

Lip liner enhances the outline and contour to the lips and creates the impression of volume and fullness.

Lip blush involves giving the lips a overall blushed/ toned appearance that replaces the lost natural pigment within the lips.

SPMU Eyeliner

Defines the frame of the eyes giving a youthful appearance. Enhances the natural eye colour giving the appearance of fuller eyelash hair.

What is (SMPU) semi-permanent makeup & microblading?

Semi-permanent make-up is a complexion treatment to enhance eyes, brows (Alopecia Totalis reconstructed brow treatment available) and lips to add definition to the face using cosmetic pigment (tattoo cosmetic ink) This technique involves injecting pigment through a fine vibrating needle into the most superficial layers of the skin.

A local anaesthetic cream numbs the area pre-treatment.

What is microblading?

For semi-permanent makeup, a cosmetic digital tattooing machine is used. It’s different from a regular tattoo machine in that the frequency is much lower meaning the pigment is implanted closer to the surface of the skin. Whereas microblading uses a manual hand tool instead of a machine.

How long does semi-permanent makeup last?

Semi-permanent makeup lasts at least 3-4 years after a full completed treatment is done. A completed treatment is done in two parts six weeks apart to fill both the dermis and the epidermis skin layer with cosmetic custom mixed ink to suit your natural hair colour (age-appropriate grey shades available)

Is it painful and how long does recovery take?

SPMU is done under cream anaesthetic to numb the area making the treatment painless, it takes around 1-2 hours to complete a treatment and aftercare cream is provided for you to take home. Recovery takes around 7 days. A scab will form over the treated area and must be left to heal and fall off itself (so no picking) and the brows will heal naturally.

I don’t have eyebrows at all can I have treatment?

Alopecia patients needing a newly reconstructed brow it is best to opt for the platinum package. Skull measurements are taken and a new brow shape will be designed to suit your facial features and complexion (platinum package includes second top-up)

Will you remove or will I lose my brow hairs?

No. The treatment does not affect the brow hairs you have.



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